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Todd Nienkerk's picture

Todd Nienkerk

Partner and Digital Strategist
Aaron Stanush's picture

Aaron Stanush

Partner and Creative Director
Mike Minecki's picture

Mike Minecki

Director of Technology
Suzy Bates' picture

Suzy Bates

Director of Projects and Scrum Master
Leah Mason's picture

Leah Mason

Director of Client Relations
Cecy Correa's picture

Cecy Correa

Director of Marketing and Community Outreach
Chris Ruppel's picture

Chris Ruppel

Frontend and Mobile Developer
Elliott Foster's picture

Elliott Foster

Developer and Systems Administrator
David Diers' picture

David Diers

Mark Theunissen's picture

Mark Theunissen

Developer and Systems Architect
Andrew Gerdes' picture

Andrew Gerdes

Project Manager and Scrum Master
Vivek Goel's picture

Vivek Goel

Ian Carrico's picture

Ian Carrico

Jared Rogers' picture

Jared Rogers

Designer and Themer
Jenny Crandell's picture

Jenny Crandell

Web Chef Emeritus
Diana Dupuis' picture

Diana Dupuis

Web Chef Emeritus
Aaron Forsander's picture

Aaron Forsander

Web Chef Emeritus
Zach Meyer's picture

Zach Meyer

Web Chef Emeritus
Rob Ristroph's picture

Rob Ristroph

Web Chef Emeritus
Shannon Hinshaw's picture

Shannon Hinshaw

Web Chef Emeritus
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